Let's create
something incredible.

What must be done to create a quality product?


When creating a solution, an important and often overlooked apspect is the readability and maintainability of the creation. My goal is not to create syntax and structure that merely make sense to a computer. My goal is to cretate something easily understood by humans.


Central to the process of creating a worthwile commodity is knowing the interests of all parties involved; be that clients, customers, audience or other. Beyond that, clear communication between those involved throughout the process is indispensable.


There is an unspoken expectation that a product is completed and works. Similarly, security is requirement often left mute at the meeting table. Ignore this aspect at your peril.


Knowing how and when to rely on the strengths of others can mean the difference between success and disaster. Careful and diverse examination can not be too frequent and can be an invaluable tool in learning new things.

A clever person solves a problem. A wise person avoids it.
- Albert Einstein